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Serving the Children of the World

Kiwanis Childrens Cancer Project, KCCP, is a project through out the Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis.  Kiwanis Clubs have fundraisers to fund fellowships in three childrens hospitals to research a cure for childrens cancer.  

We have fellowships at Doernbecher Childrens in Portland, OR, Seattle Childrens Hospital in Seattle, WA and KCCP BC Childrens Hospital in Vancouver, BC Canada.

With our continued efforts KCCP will continue to raise money to fund fellows at all three hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. These fellows will continue the research started by Dr. Rebecca Gardner and Dr. Michael Jensen and many others. Maybe we will see KCCP in the next breakthrough announcements at one of the three hospitals.

Please see the attached website for more on the wonderful work being done by the researchers at these hospitals, including a breakthrough that happened in July of 2013 with a young woman who been being treated for leukemia for years.



For more information please see the KCCP website



Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program, KCCP,  to raise money for research fellowships, to find a cure for children's cancer which also helps research for adult cancers. These fellowships are at Seattle Childrens Hospital,  Doernbecher Childrens, Portland, Or and BC Childrens Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.




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Last updated March 30, 2017